004: The New Mr. Bond II – or – If it‘s not the right fit, change it!

In my previous blog post, “Twelve weeks, twelve lessons learned”, Lesson # 12, “If it’s not the right fit, change it” has arguably been for us the most important RV life lesson learned.

And yet, it’s not like the opportunity of learning this lesson didn’t present itself sooner in other life situations! I can recall times when I stayed put way longer than I should have. From the sublime to the ridiculous, we humans hang on to people and things, don’t we?! Be it a caustic relationship, a hated job that pays too well to leave, a no-longer used gym membership, that little black dress that will fit again one day…  It is sometime (often) painful to make a real, definitive, conscious, proactive change… let’s face it, it’s a lot of work and usually means it comes with costs in many forms.

Enter our most recent case in point… Barely 11 weeks after we picked up our beloved first rig, “Mr.  Bond I” (Airstream Interstate), we traded it in for something bigger. Yep, in spite of all our months of research in buying a rig that would be The Right One, we convinced ourselves and created halo effects out of factors that didn’t make the cut once we began living in it. We realized very quickly that as full timers, we needed space to breathe as well as larger capacity holding tanks and electrical system that would allow us to boondock (dry camp) for several days at a time, in natural settings, not crowded RV parks. A camper van, no matter how nimble, could not meet our goals as a permanent home.

To be sure, plenty of folks are choosing to live small on a full time basis – the rise of the “Tiny Home” trend in housing and RVing is a case in point… I lost track of the number of old refurbished VW minibuses and teardrop trailers (allô Catherine & Francis!) I’ve seen on the road. But it wasn’t for us.

************Long live Lesson #12************

It’s now been nearly one week aboard Mr. Bond II. I’m happy to report that IT IS THE RIGHT FIT! (for now!), at 32′ long, it is a ‘small’ Class A motorhome. Still a lot to learn about this new RV rig, but we’re getting there. I’m a bit terrified at driving this thing, but all in good time!!!

And as promised, here’s a quick tour….


Friends of Mr. Bond II…. please notice the sofa bed, Queen size if you please! Up to you to come try it out! 🙂



  1. Hey, il y a de la place pour coucher! Le sofa s’ouvre?😘😘😘 Je me suis demandée combien de temps vous tiendriez dans une boîte de sardines aussi belle soit-elle🤪😂😅. Félicitations MR. Bond ll est superbe.😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merci! Eh oui, c’était ben trop étroit… et oui, l’invitation est lancée! On n’a pas d’itinéraire précis à part un mois à l’avance. On se dirige lentement vers le Texas pour avril.


  2. Looks fab Johanne! With this much room, you and Mark will be able to set up an Arthur Murray School of Dance”! Cha Cha Cha !!! xo


  3. More like line dancing in this part of the world … every 55+ (aka 85+ as far as I’ve observed) RV Park Resort round AZ has lessons! Very cool to watch the old folks at it (us included)!


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