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012: Thoroughbreds, Distilleries & Bluegrass — Knoxville TN and Lexington KY

Late July, we took Mr. Bond (our motorhome) and Moneypenny (our little tow car) to the verdant meadows of Southern Tennessee and Kentucky… where entire fields of bluegrass and horse pastures are mowed with managed precision!   Knoxville, from Scruffy to Sleek We really, really liked Knoxville, Tennessee! The general impression from our 4-day visit […]

011: Blues, Country and Rock and Roll along the Mississippi Delta bi-ways

Today’s blog has a definite musical theme, as we drove Mr. Bond through East Arkansas, North Mississippi and Southern Tennessee. We were looking forward to catching live blues music in Memphis for instance, but we got a whole lot more in the bargain… Thanks to terrific local museums and old recording studios, we learned about […]