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Cochise County, AZ (March 2019)




Bisbee, AZ (March 2019)

Tombstone, AZ (March 2019)


Picacho Peak State Park, AZ


Ajo, AZ — February 23, 2019

The street art

The New Cornelia copper mine was the only productive mine in the Ajo mining district which was built as a company town to serve New Cornelia mines. The roughly circular pit is one and a half miles (2.4 km) across at its widest point and 1,000 feet (305 meters) deep at the centre. As I walked toward it, the sudden vastness of the pit had a similar effect on me as the first time I walked toward the Grand Canyon… it sort of jumps at you!

The Curley School of Art was built in 1919 as Ajo’s public school. The architecture features Moorish influences and a bell tower. Today, it is an artist and artisan residences and studios. This school reminded me so much of my boarding school in Rigaud, QC – I asked Mark to take a picture of 14 years old Johanne waiting outside the office of Mother Superior…!

Painted Rock Petroglyphs Site, Gila Bend, AZ

The site and basic no-service campground provides the opportunity to view ancient archaeological sites containing hundreds of symbolic and artistic rock etchings, or “petroglyphs”, produced centuries ago by prehistoric peoples.


Taliesin West – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter Home and architecture school, 1937-1959 – Scottsdale, AZ

Today, The School of Architecture at Taliesin is still in operations, with student housing on its premises in the winter and moving to Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin in the summer months. FLW was always ahead of its time–sometime too much so for trends and tastes of the times. Mark and I toured young FLW’s houses in Oak Park, IL (Chicago area) several years ago, and it was a real treat to visit this site.

Tucson, AZ – January 23-31, 2019

Tucson is a college town, renowned medical centers, but more than anything it’s an eclectic town with hippy-style street art downtown.

The Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block located in the Presidio District of Downtown Tucson.


The Mission San Xavier del Bac, a historic Spanish Catholic mission founded by the Jesuits in 1692 and still active to this day.

Quartzsite, AZ – January 16-21, 2019






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