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IMG_8934Hello, Bonjour!

“It’s never too late” has been my life mantra. It got me into trouble at times, but none that I’ve ever regretted. Recently though, it has morphed into “You only live twice”.

Allow me to explain…

My name is Johanne. I am a Canadian-American from Montreal-Toronto-Seattle (in that order). I, along with Mark, my husband-lover-friend-partner-in-crime, we have decided to see the sights of North America up close and personal, as full time RV’ers or road nomads. We are not alone fulfilling this dream… millions of people of all ages are living in their rig full time or a good part of the year. If they are not yet retired from the workplace, they become “digital nomads” or “workcampers” while retirees often sell their  “bricks & sticks” house to buy their new home on wheels. It’s not without risks, it’s actually a lot of work and it’s not for everyone. For us, it was worth a try as it meant leaving behind a more predictable and safer lifestyle to embark on a different kind of life, a sort of ‘second’ life if you will.

Safely tucked inside Mr. Bond II, our Newmar Bay Star 32′ motorhome, we also have added Q, our smart & adventurous Jeep as a tow car that allows us to explore all nooks and crannies on our way.  No dog yet, that’s for later! 🙂

Mr. Bond, thus named because of the 007 digits on the rig’s license plates, inspired me to adjust my mantra a bit to one of the Bond movie titles, You Only Live Twice. Quite fitting really, don’t you think?!

The blogs and photo gallery will bear witness to our experiences — the good, the bad and sometime yes, the ugly. It’s all part of the Adventure, with a capital “A”.

I invite you to respond, comment, share your own stories!

You only live twice!


P.S. : While most of the blogs will be written in English, some of them will be in French — depending on how I feel at the time.

See you on the road!