Why we love the Desert (surprisingly!)

Hello RedbirdRV Friends,

This is my first blog entry. Bear with me as I’m struggling to understand how WordPress works. I selected WordPress for its reputation as being super easy to work with, but this ain’t in my ‘natural’ wheelhouse to say the least!

I’ve been ‘playing’ with it, consulted several how-to books and online sites. The more I dive in, the more complicated it becomes (to me). Nevertheless, and with that as fair warning, I’m going to publish a first blog no matter what it looks like. I may hire professional help soon — but in the meantime, I shall test and try and see what happens… so onwards and upwards!

Following a somewhat challenging mid-November (2018) start to our Adventure (unforeseen trouble with the brand new rig changed our planned itinerary), Mark and I arrived in Desert Hot Springs on January 1, 2019 and quickly fell in love (once again) with the desert. I didn’t expect I would ‘take’ to this area so much. An earlier experience in 2016, during a hiking trip to Death Valley, had had a similar effect on us Northeasterners-cum-Northwesterners.  But the question begs, why do we love it so much?  Perhaps the serenity and utter peacefulness of a desert landscape — not to mention the dazzling sunsets — likely have a lot to do with our lovestruck reaction.

I leave it at that for now. More musings to come on that somewhat philosophical question!


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